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Development Soccer

Our Development teams begin each season on our Identification Day.  Shortly before ID Day, coaches are appointed by the Board and those names are posted on our website.

GSC offers Red and White teams at each age group where numbers are sufficient and coaches are available. The main focus of the identification day is to allow the coaches to identify the number of players available at each age group. Training roster numbers vary based on the age group and coach. Based on the results of this day, decisions will be made as to whether or not there will be a white team next year. Sufficient numbers is the key factor to be considered in making this decision. 

All of our development coaches must have selected a core training roster by Oct 31st.


However, all the development players who attend the ID Day may be used throughout the season as callups if needed. 

Players must make every effort to attend the ID day. If s/he is unable to attend, please contact the coach listed on the GSC website. 

We are also, at some age groups, determining the number of teams that should be fielded for the year. As an example, if we identify a low turnout or do not feel that there is sufficient ability to allow the players to have an enjoyable season at a certain age group, it may be decided to only have one team at that age or perhaps no team at all if the numbers/talent do not appear to be there. That is why it is important that all players who are interested come out. We will be making these decisions after this weekend.

Development Program

Training twice per week at Trafalgar Sports Park in September and October


Training twice per week at the Acton indoor field in November 


Training once per week at the Acton indoor facility from January to April 


Training twice per week at the Kiwanis turf field in April and May 


Exhibition game timeslots at Kiwanis, as available, in fall and spring 


Grass field training from May to September (schedule to be determined by team coach) 


Festival games from May to August usually beginning the weekend after the May long weekend every Saturday or Sunday (with the exception of long weekends)


Home and away uniform (shirt, shorts and socks) 


Rep/development banquet ticket 


Mentor coach support throughout the year as scheduled and as requested

- Participation in an indoor league is in addition to the Development Program fees 

Georgetown Soccer Club follows all guidelines set out by Ontario Soccer.
Please see the Ontario Soccer Matrix below for reference:

Payments: Please note that the GSC does not accept cash.  Payment is made through our online registration system by credit card 

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