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2018 Outdoor House League

CONFIRMED Playing Nights


Please note that the playing nights and practice nights for the 2018 outdoor season have now been confirmed and are listed below.


GU5 (born in 2013) - Thursday (practices run on the same night)

GU6 (born in 2012) - Wednesday (practices run on the same night)

GU7 (born in 2011) - Monday (practices run on Wednesdays)

GU8 (born in 2010) - Wednesday (practices run on Thursdays)

GU9 (born in 2009) - Thursday (practices run on Tuesdays)

GU10 (born in 2008) - Thursday (practices run on Mondays)

GU12 (born in 2006/07) - Tuesday (practices run on Wednesdays)

GU14 (born in 2004/05) - Thursday (practices run on Tuesdays)

GU18 (born in 2000/01/02/03) - Tuesday (practices run on Thursdays)



BU5 (born in 2013) - Tuesday (practices run on the same night)

BU6 (born in 2012) - Thursday (practices run on the same night)

BU7 (born in 2011) - Tuesday (practices run on Mondays)

BU8 (born in 2010) - Thursday (practices run on Tuesdays)

BU9 (born in 2009) - Monday (practices run on Wednesdays)

BU10 (born in 2008) - Wednesday (practices run on Mondays)

BU12 (born in 2006/07) - Monday (practices run on Wednesdays)

BU14 (born in 2004/05) - Wednesday (practices run on Mondays)

BU17 (born in 2001/02/03) - Monday (practices run on Thursdays)