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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Georgetown Soccer Club cancel games for rain/thunderstorms or extreme heat?

What are Opening Day and Closing Day?

When does the outdoor house league season begin? When does it end? How long is it?

When will the house league schedules be ready?

Where are the house league games usually played?

When are games played?

When will I hear from my child's coach?

Who needs to have a police record check done?

Can my child wear jewelry (including earrings) or a cast while playing?

What equipment should my child wear to their games each week?

What side of the field should the players sit on?

My child's team has lost every game, are you going to balance the teams?

What coaching credentials do I need to coach my child's house league team?

Can I request that my child be on the same team as another?

How do I make a formal complaint?

What is your refund policy?